The Food Commons and Food Common Fresno Top Ten Examples of Wellness Programs and Initiatives in the United States

April 3, 2019 – The Harkin Institute for Public Policy & Citizen Engagement has awarded its 2019 Harkin on Wellness Designee to 10 community health initiatives throughout the country for their work strategically connecting food systems with health and wellness.

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Oct 18, 2017 – Buyers of Food Commons products includes local anchor institutions—such as the University of California, Merced, and Community Regional Medical Center—as well as local restaurants and nonprofits. Kiel Schmidt, operations and wholesale manager at Food Commons Fresno, explains the group’s ..

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Oct 17, 2017 – (Credit: Food Commons Fresno). Picture this: A mother tells her daughter to run down to the neighborhood grocery store to pick up some fresh produce for dinner. The family has an ownership stake in the market, where they can buy fruit and vegetables sourced from a nearby farm and freshly baked bread …

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Aug 9, 2017 – In California, the Food Commons Fresno project is one of the most ambitious regional efforts to reimagine the food system from farm to plate. Even though Fresno is located in the heart of prime agriculture lands, the region has been ecologically abused for decades and is a food desert for half a million …

Organic Pioneers Pass Farming Baton to Food Commons Fresno

Acreage at iconic T&D Willey Farm continues in organic production and supports new community-owned food system model. 

(Fresno, CA, December 15, 2016) – Food Commons Fresno announces the long term lease of the iconic TD Willey Farm. Sustainable farming is a key component in the development of the Food Commons community-owned integrated business model. “Over the next two decades our country will see an unprecedented, large-scale transfer of farmland and the Food Commons wants to play a role in preserving the high community and ecological values these farms embody,” stated Jim Cochran, Food Commons Fresno President. “Food Commons Fresno is honored to support the Willey Farm succession and maintain their land in organic production.” “The transition to Food Commons Fresno is a necessary and promising alternative to the all too often elusive succession of farmland and transfer of operational knowledge within families,” said Tom Willey, co-owner and operator of the Madera, CA farm since 1995. Experienced organic farmer David Silveira has joined the Food Commons Fresno team as farm manager. The Food Commons is a nationally recognized model for a new food economy that builds community wealth through community ownership of for-profit businesses, while at the same time providing broader access to healthy food and improved stewardship of natural resources. Operations in Fresno are proving the concept, which will be replicated in other San Joaquin Valley communities and elsewhere. “Food Commons has been entrusted with the important legacy forged by Tom and denesse Willey in their decades of diversified, organic agricultural production,” said Michael Roberts, Program Officer, 11th Hour Project, a major supporter of Food Commons Fresno. “We are excited to see how this transition to The Food Commons can be a model for sustaining strong farm economies and stewardship of the land and soil across generations.” The Food Commons Fresno business includes Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), wholesale and retail operations and with the Willey Farm lease, organic farming. Food Commons Fresno is working to develop a multi-functional retail, kitchen and distribution facility in SW Fresno; which will bring employment, investment and improved healthy food access to the community. For more information about Food Commons Fresno, visit For more information on The Food Commons model, visit Press Kit Available Upon Request Including Tom Willey Farmer Profile Video