tractorThe planning, development and launch of the Food Commons model has been a huge undertaking. It is necessarily complex, but it is commensurate with the enormity and urgency of the challenges we face as a country and as a planet. We believe the investment in people and resources in order to achieve a more sustainable and healthier food system is well worth the effort. We see the Food Commons model as a critical national priority that cuts across multiple sectors, interests and needs.

We are focused on the following efforts:

(1) Continue to secure the necessary funding resources to 1) support our Fresno prototype activities and 2) support staff in their leadership, coordination/organization and management for the entire system.

(2) Lay the groundwork for the development of additional proof of concept, demonstration prototypes in fairly sizeable communities, which have the capacity, commitment, and dedicated leadership to plan for and implement a meaningful fractal of the Food Commons model.

(3) Share lessons learned and continue to educate and build awareness using a variety of venues and communication methods. Identify, network and collaborate with  similar whole system organizational models.